Rosa canina x Royal Amethyst-- the quest for mauve

I am pleased with this one so far. It is definitely a hybrid. It bloomed on it’s 2nd year, which is pretty amazing since it just germinated in March of 2008 or so. It is a definite climber, just like the species clone I have. It is semi-double, too, which is nice. The goal is to breed mauve climbers from it. I am trying [(Rosa canina x Royal Amethyst) x Shocking Blue], [Ebb tide x (Rosa canina x Royal Amethyst)] and [Shocking Blue x Rosa canina x Royal Amethyst)] this year. I wanted to try it with Sweetness and Wild Blue Yonder instead, but both are late bloomers and I simply cannot waste it’s fleeting pollen…

See photos:

Also, trying again this year with Midnight Blue x Henry’s Blend:

I am still deciding what to try Moon within Tidal waves with:

I wanted to cross it with Sweetness and then back again to Solitaire, but we will see… [Solitaire x ] …just an idea so far…

I am definitely going to cross it with Sweet Arlene and/or Violet Mist, though.

If I can find some Sweetness pollen in time, I will cross it onto Baby Faurax :slight_smile:

Ya know…I used to hate mauves =( What happened?

Great hybrid Michael. It’s good that you’re trying it both ways.

Congrats on ‘Moon within Tidal Waves’. That’s a beauty.

I’m sorry to say ‘Henry’s Blend’ didn’t blossom for me this year.

I love Mauves too. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Yes, that is really cool!

It seems that a lot of people shy away from working with the Caninae species because of the strange meiosis thing. But if you look at what has already been successful with these, it’s actually very encouraging.

I look forward to seeing what comes next from this hybrid.

Best of luck to you, Tom

Very nice rose! Good job!

Mauve grows on you! Slowly, but surely…



Nice job. If you can wait a week or two, can get you some ‘Sweetness’ pollen. It’s at the bud stage now.


Last year I ordered Jim Lonesbury, but Ashdown got the order wrong. I sent them pics of the flower… it’s Perrenial Blue.

I will tell you,

it has all the Vielchenblau qualities-- but no mildew. Essentially, it’s a repeat blooming Vielchenblau.

If you want a mauve colored climber, I would try to use Perenial Blue because it’s a climber, it repeats, and it’s a mauve.

Beautiful rose Jadae. Do you have ‘Night Owl’? It sets seeds very well.

Jim Sproul

Hi Andy, I think I can get it locally this weekend. Thank you, though.

I grew Night Owl for three years. It raely bloomed. It rarely climbed, and the flowers were only pretty in spring. It set “some”.

Perrenial Blue seems okay, but I no longer have the room or time for really big roses. What I have now will have to do for a few years.

The meiosis issue of canina never really bothered me. If somethign works, it works. If it does, find something new :slight_smile: That is my motto anyways.

I hope to get Moon Within Tidal Waves introduced in a few years. We will see…

All of the ladies in the office today ADORE IT and want to take it home, so I do not doubt its saleability lol. The scent is too strong for me, though. I cannot keep it indoors at home or my throats gets itchy lol.

Is it a bad time to admit rose allergies haha? :confused:

Jadae, ‘Moon Within Tidal Waves’ looks very nice - congratulations! I hope that it gets out.

Jim Sproul