Rosa beggeriana

Looks like I’ll get to try this one out soon – the flowerbuds are getting bigger. I got mine from Skinner’s. I’ve read different opinions on the ploidy of this species. Any opinions here? Or does anyone here, have personal experience working with it? One thing I’ve noticed already is that the flowerbuds have a lot of gland hairs, and when touched have a sweet/fresh scent. The scent is very similar to the scent of the flowerbuds of some plants of Rosa multiflora. I’d want to try its pollen on my Rosa eglanteria or Rosa glutinosa if either were still blooming. It looks like these will be my options for hybridizing: native tetraploids just getting ready to bloom also (carolina, virginiana), rugosa, davidii (a little refrigerated pollen left) or various modern Hybrid Teas, etc.


According to Hurst, the ploidy of Rosa beggeriana is 2n. I think there is circumstantial evidence to back this up. ‘Schneezwerg’ is a diploid and likely Rosa rugosa x R. beggeriana. ‘Polstjarnen’ is likely a Rosa beggeriana cross with R. multiflora and since it is fertile the ploidy would be 2n.