Rosa acicularis nipponensis x R-15

Open blooms. I couldnt get the camera to get the true color. The white/yellow specks on the leaves are pine tree pollen so dont be alarmed :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a very aesthetic plants-- very flowing.

A random pic of Rosa californica buds. This specific clone has really feathery buds!

I was excitied to see Rosa roxburghii normalis bloom so early. It’s foliage is oddly similar to Rosa primula. It’s blooms are oddly similar to Rosa rugosa. But what is unique about this rose, other than the odd hips, is that it is a nice shade of pink. Most pink species can be rather homely, but this one is a nice, soft shade that blends well into the garden.

Wow, some of them ballooned up. I will fix that.

Those look great. I would love to play with it a bit if you get to the point of passing it around.

So far pollen of Rugelda x R-15 looks to have very limited fertility in the few reliable seed parents I had available when it flowered.

Jadae, did both plants flower? Only one of my acicularis nipponensis x R-15 plants flowered last year:

This year I hope the others will flower. Very few of any of my plants even have small buds now.

Robert these were the successful pollinations from last year for Rugelda X R-15:

1 hip, ((Bonavista X OP) X OP) X (Rugelda X R-15) # of seeds = 7, # germinated so far = 2.

1 hip, (Carefree Beauty X Heritage) X (Rugelda X R-15) # of seeds = 6, # germinated so far = 4.

2 hips, (Carefree Sunshine) X (Rugelda X R-15) # of seeds = 8, # germinated so far = 1.

Last years (2006) germinations can be found at:

The combined list for 2004 and 2005 is at:


I checked my crosses using Rugelda x R-15 tonite Henry. Some attempts appear to be successful, though not on the seed parents I would have preferred.

I guess I will take what I can get this first time around.

I might get some repeaters from those crosses that appear to be fertile.

Just the one, Henry.

Robert, I will send this to you with the other stuff.

I found a Royal Amethyst bud with pollen in it that Im gonna put on it before the hybrid blooms expire. My plan is to mix the hybrid with mauve, orange and yellow toned roses with “mixed pollen”.

Mike, Royal Amethyste mildewed badly here this Spring. At least you know the propensity is there.

Sorry. I love mauves too.

Nipponensis is purportedly diploid which would make this hybrid triploid? Am I correct?

Thanks for the offer to send this one Jadae. Id love to mix it with some other things I have going on. It’s getting a bit late in the season to be budding here so sooner if preferable to later unless we wait till Fall.

Let me know if I have anything that interests you and I will try to reciprocate.

Thanks, Robert

I expect/hope that it is tetraploid as the acicularis nipponensis seedling used in this cross has larger features than my other acicularis nipponensis seedlings, see link below.


Fascinating Henry.

I guess we’ll know soon enough if we gets hips?

Of course there are plenty of fertile triploid seed parents out there. I’ll take fertility any way I can get it.

Yeah, mauves are a mystery to me. So far my only truly healthy modern mauves are Ebb Tide and Purple Heart…

I would kill for a nice,tall mauve HT with below average disease proneness.

Another acicularis X R-15 has bloomed that has clear R-15 influence, see:


Wow, it sure does Henry. Congratulations!