root tip squash

what is a root tip squash and how do you carry out one of these proceedures?

A nicely illustrated step by step outline is given at:


A root tip squash is a method used to determine the chromosone count of plants.

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David Zlesak is particularly well versed in this technique and was kind enough to e-mail a copy of his article on the subject to me. If he doesn’t mind I’ll forward the article to you.

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Looks like Henry and I were attempting to answer your question at the same time. Guess he’s quicker with typing than I am. When I posted my reply, his appeared as if by magic where there was nothing before.

Still, it saves me from e-mailing David.


Does a root tip squash involve making babies

No, as Jinks mentioned,

“A root tip squash is a method used to determine the chromosome count of plants.”

You don’t need to do any hybridizing – you can just use roots from whatever plant you have.