Robusta ploidy

Does anyone know the ploidy of Robusta?



Good question… I think that this maybe a fertile triploid because the color is modern. I’ve seen hips on it, and someone told me that they got a lot of mossy seedlings of with when crossed with Scarlet Moss.

I have had it for a number of years. It seems to bloom on the tips when other roses are resting. I do not recall getting any open pollinated hips. I also do not recall using the pollen, but I could have as I only permanetely record the use of a pollen when hips are formed (this is not recommended as I am sure I have wasted a lot of time by this “fault of character”.

rare OP hips, and with very few seeds in them…

maybe one or 2 seedlings, not sure of my records…

I’m thinking that the Rubosta I’ve seen may not be it, and I’ll be sure to vist it again this fall… although I know two persons from the board told me that it’s fertile. I remember because I was just barely starting out, and Rubosta was one rose that I wanted to breed with and two people told me lots of good things about it, although at the end, I didn’t buy it. This is an intresting mystery.

Well, Rubusta is the pollen parent of Rugelda and Pink Robusta so it’s obviously fertile. Ive grow it from own root for 8 yrs (I think?) and all I can say is that the plant hurts!!! …oh and Ive never seen it set hip by itself. I tried getting Orange Triumph to stick to it but no go. Gorgeous plant though (minus the nasty thorns)–made for great chistmas cards with its scarlet blooms against the healthy, dark green foliage.