Robbie Burns

Does anyone know if this hybrid spinossissima from Austin sets hips?

Purportedly, it does.


Hi Lydia, I always look at a variety like this with suspicion. Obviously it sets hips, so why didn’t Austin pursue it himself if there was fertility there? There’s been plenty of time.

I have a cross right now that drives me crazy as it sets hips in any type of weather but the seed refuses to germinate. Roses can be maddening. I can think of several varieties that do the same thing. In a case like this I prefer to do some test sowings before I go to the work of doing a deliberate cross. Also you get an idea of the vigor of the seedlings first. Thanks, Robert

I’m planning to have a part of my front lawn dug up as an ecological measure and I’m looking at hardy species hybrids to do double duty. As I love roses, I can enjoy even the reluctant parents. I also get a kick out of growing roses that most people don’t recognize as roses. I have only a few deliberate crosses from this year as the season got away from me, but I’ve made a practice of sowing op seeds. That’s how I started.

I also have a spot in the back for a shrub or climber. For the moment I’m considering Karl Forster.