'Riverbanks' x R. xanthina 5-20-07

For those interested in what the remontant banksia/xanthina hybrids look like, I just posted some new photos today.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=49440&tab=10

Nice Robert, I like the delicate coloring.

Jim Sproul

I’m not so interested in the blossoms as the cross, and the fact they repeat for whatever reason. I still don’t understand it.

Getting a healthier source of yellow is the goal.

If they are tetraploid or at least fertileI will be one step closer.

I have a friend who has used hugonis in the past and sometimes yellow can be retrieved in the second generation.

With any luck these will be self fertile then I can pick out any with yellow and so on. I used this pollen today so I should have more of an idea what to expect soon.

Interestingly the latest blossoms here had extremely foliaceous sepals andI am seeing the same thing in my next xanthina cross.


Did you use a white or yellow banksia in Riverbanks? i forgot…

While it would have been great if you had the yellow in this seedling, I think it’s even more amazing that you have repeat bloom! I had wanted to cross a yellow banksia or descendant thereof with a xanthina or canary bird or seedling thereof, but figured such would still be a generation or more from a repeater. Pretty exciting stuff!

THanks for sharing!

Riverbanks descends from White Banksia.

This year I got yellow in my banksia hybrids, in both cases yellow came from a Moore mini.

This one is also a hybrid bracteata.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=49939&tab=10