Rippetoe intros

The new RU catalog has a section devoted to Robert Rippetoe introductions.

Wow, I hope they send me a copy.

What is the “RU Catalog”?

I believe he’s referring to Roses Unlimited.

Thanks Mark. I’ll check out that site.

I sent RU several varieties for testing. Apparently they have faith in them.

I was pleasantly surprised. I hope they live up to expectations.

They have several others. I’ll be sending them more this Spring as well as participating in Ashdown’s testing program.

I need to get up to speed on some of the other testing venues.

Congratulations Robert!

The site is I did not find any pictures of your introductions - are they available?

Hi Lori, most are posted to HMF with photos.

You’ve got some beauties there Robert. Good luck with them.

Thanks Rob, hopefully I’ll have some more interesting stuff in the future. I’m definitely trying to incorporate hardiness and disease reistance into part of what I’m doing, though the two lines of breeding might meld in the near future.

The mainstream stuff is much easier to work with. In fact after working with difficult species crosses, it’s shockingly easy.

Of all the crosses I did this year, it’s the kind of throw away stuff that is germinating first, the easy stuff I did just to see what I would get.

The stuff I really want to germinate is coming along here and there, but much more slowly.

The germination for the day is, Riverbanks X Annie Laurie McDowell.

Look forward to reading more in your updates Robert.