Ripening hip question

I have a hip that doesn’t look quite ready to be harvested but unfortunately broke off a cane, most likely because the cane has died. I thought I read once upon time that you can encourage a little more ripening by placing them in a sunny window. Does anyone know if this is successful, or should I go ahead and place the seeds into stratification? Thanks!

In one of the older RHA newsletters, Ralph Moore described cutting the hips , putting them in a plastic bag and illuminating under lights for a couple weeks until they turned color. I’m afraid a window sill might too hot with direct sun. Another way I’d try, and will this fall for some late pollinations, is to treat it as a cutting, put it is moist soil with leaves still on the stem if you have that option, cover with plastic bag and set under lights. I often have cuttings send up very short shoots and produce flowers if they are repeat-blooming kinds. So they ought to hang onto a hip for long enough to ripen it if given some light to make the necessary sugars.

Also, I’ve noticed some cultivars have hips that abscise without changing color when the days grow short. Other kinds turn beautiful yellow, orange or red first. So it’s hard to say for sure when they are ripe.