Ripe hips on (Golden Angel x R. soulieana)

This was my first season using Ralph Moore’s (Golden Angel x R. soulieana) and I have ripe hips that I harvested last night. The crosses are:

(G.A. x R. soulieana) x Lemon Splash
(G.A. x R. soulieana) x Campfire
(G.A. x R. soulieana) x City of Hastings
(G.A. x R. soulieana) x OP

I’m very excited about the possibilities using (G.A. x R. soulieana) brings to my breeding goals. It is disease free in my garden, has a lovely blossom and repeats bloom. I also have some miniatures that I used (G.A. x R. soulieana) pollen on but haven’t harvested them yet. There seemed to be less hips taking hold using (G.A. x R. soulieana) as the pollen parent as opposed to using it as the seed parent.

Marvelous, Rob! Congratulations!

Thank you Kim!

You’re welcome, Rob!

Rob, some of those sound great crosses, can’t wait to see the outcome. Well done.

Thank you David. Eager to see the results.

Very exciting! Is the Golden Angel x R. soulieana seedling the same as the one called Ralph’s Soulieana?

possibly getting F1 from the seed parent is exciting. I think the R. Soulieana used in the cross is the one called that.

Yes, the pollen parent for Golden Angel X Soulieana is the “Ralph’s Soulieana”. GAXSoul was hit rather hard with downy in my garden this spring, which appears to have been what it needed to actually set hips. It had never formed any for me previously, but has set quite a few containing seeds. There are a few on it right now, if someone wants to raise them.

I’m tempted to take you up on your offer of seeds, but I’m getting more this year than I planned. I’ve harvested 292 hips so far, and gotten 2033 seeds. There are still over 200 hips ripening on my mother plants. This is the first year ever when I haven’t lost a significant number of hips to deer and other pests.

Congratulations! I’m glad a year finally worked out to your advantage!

Thank you! I found a mistake in my spreadsheet. For one cross, I entered the number of seeds in the number of hips column. With that corrected, plus a few more hips I harvested this morning, my current totals are 244 hips harvested, 2163 seeds, and about 280 hips still on the mother plants.

Our mild climate gives us long pollination and harvest seasons. I typically pollinate from late March through mid July. Since hips ripen at different rates, my harvest season is over 6 months long.