RHA Summer Newsletter

I was happy to see that our editor, Peter Harris, mentioned in the Spring issue that he was going to bring back the symposium topics. The topic for the Summer issue is “My most interesting crosses this year – and why I made them”. So, lets put fingers to keyboard and give him some of your thoughts. I’m going to write one - are you ? As I mentioned in the last newsletter - you don’t have to have a special talent for writing – just tell us your story in your own words. Peter is an English Prof but he won’t be giving you a grade at all!!! Nobody flunks RHA 101. He might offer a few editorial corrections, but I know you will enjoy seeing your writings in print. Not a member?? See the home page on how to become one.

Oops! Forgot to mention the deadline for any input to the Summer newsletter – June 1st.

For some of you in the northern climate zones, June 1 may be a bit early to talk about the most interesting crosses you’ve made this year, so feel free to write about interesting crosses you intend to make or those you are making.

And if you are from the southern areas and you think of a great cross you didn’t make but intend to make either later in the season or next year, go ahead and share your thoughts with us. You might want to mention what your main interests are in hybridizing, what you intend to accomplish through the cross, and why you think the cross might or should work. If someone else has experience with that or a similar cross, you may get useful feedback.

It’s true that some hybridizers refuse to discuss their programs and refuse to disclose the parentage of their introductions, but some of the most innovative hybridizers talk freely about their programs, knowing that they are already ahead of anyone who decides to follow. If someone else does accomplish something good with a borrowed idea, the one who had the original idea can build on what the borrower has accomplished, just as we all build on what has been done by others.

The more information and thoughts we share, the more we all accomplish.

Try to get your articles in within the first 2 weeks of June so that our newsletter can go out in a timely fashion.



Hey Gang,

Still not too late to get an article written about some of your most interesting crosses this season thus far and get them off to Peter Harris. He still could use a few to fill in those pages. Lets share some of the things we are doing. I sent mine in a couple of days ago.