RHA Spring Newsletter

By now all RHA members in the USA should have received the Spring issue of the RHA Newsletter. The Newsletter was mailed on Tuesday, May 2. Delivery for you members outside the USA may take a bit longer, but the mailing date will give you some idea of when to expect it.

I hope you’ll all find something worthwhile in it–and enjoy the color pictures on it.

Breeding for fragrance is one of the topics for the Summer issue, so please be thinking about what you can share on this subject.

I appreciate all that you do to help make the Newsletter useful, and I appreciate feedback too.

Timely submission of articles (in this case, by early June) will help get the next issue out in a timely fashion.


Yes Peter,

The colour photos are excellent.

The photo of my Mini-Flora ‘Ingrid’ on the cover came out perfect. Thank you RHA for letting me sponsor it. Please tell the printer that their reproduction is the BEST I have seen in print of this same image.

For 18 of my BEST photos of this rose check out the “Ingrid Gallery” on my web-site. Link below.

George Mander

Link: www3.telus.net/georgemander/galleries/gallery.html

Good work, Peter. Thanks for all you do to keep that great newsletter going strong.

Paul B.

The RHA newsletters are very informative and contains much good information for the rose hybridizer. Thanks for a great publications.

Milford Clausen.