RHA membership

I heard from Larry Peterson, our Treasurer, Publisher and the one that really that keeps the RHA running - that there are 56 members whose dues expired in 2008, and who haven’t yet renewed! I am sure that most of you (and you know who you are) do read this forum, and maybe participate in the posting to the threads. We do value the membership of each and every one of you, but with the costs of everything escalating, it works the best for all when we have a larger base to help with the costs. As you know, the internet might be free to read, but it does cost us to have this website and continue to keep it up. The other thing that I really would like to see is for our dues to remain as they are! Again, this is where the numbers matter. Anyway, what with all my ramblings, what I really am asking is that if you really enjoy the newsletter and the forum, is that you please contact Larry and renew your membership. We really want to keep you as a member. If you have any question about your membership, please feel free to contact either Larry or myself.

John Moe

General Director, RHA

Is there anywhere on the website here where those of us with precious little memory can check when our memberships are up?

Isn’t there a membership expiry date printed on the address label of the newsletters? You might want to check there. :slight_smile:

I believe there is. It seems like every time mine was due there was a note with the newsletter or something like that.

Paul and Adam are both right. Thanks for your comments. Larry Peterson puts membership renewal reminders on brightly colored paper, which are included with your newsletter when your membership is expiring. Your membership expiration date is shown on your mailing label also which is marked in red when you need to renew. The Spring newsletter, due out soon, has a writeup about membership.

Fara, I tend to forget too (even with the label!), so I try to renew for multiple years - like 2 or 3 years. Membership is not that expensive and I don’t like missing an issue.

Best wishes to all and hope that you renew!

Jim Sproul

Here is how the membership renewal system works:

The mailing label shows the expiration date of your membership at all times. When we are preparing the issue for mailing, I color code the labels so that we can separate those that need a renewal notice included. Memberships that are expiring with the current issue or before the next issue are coded in red. A bright red renewal notice is tucked into the newsletter between the cover & page 2. The back of the envelope is also stamped that it is time to renew.

I have also started including a brightly colored “advance renewal” notice with the issue prior to the last issue so that members are alerted that their memberships are approaching expiration. You thus have two chances to renew using the enclosed renewal notices. If you haven’t renewed prior to the next issue after your membership expires, I will send you an e-mail reminder if I have a good e-mail address for you. That is why we request your e-mail address. It is not used for any other purpose other than contacting you if we need to. If we don’t have your e-mail address, I send a postcard reminder that you need to renew. That is the final notice from us.

You are entitled to receive four newsletters as part of your membership. The mailing list is coded with an issue expiration date that is used as the selection criteria for the labels. Thus your membership expire date may be different from the issue date depending on which issue you started your membership with. However, using the issue date ensures that you will always receive 4 issues.

We make every effort to keep you as a member. You can help by sending your renewal promptly when you receive the renewal notice. You may renew for 1, 2, or 3 years at a time. You can always contact me if you have questions about your status.