RHA Fall Newsletter Mailed Today

Members: Watch your mailboxes for the Fall issue of the newsletter which went into the mail today 10/28/05. Peter and the members who submitted articles have produced an excellent issue with some very interesting & useful information.

If you think you should receive a newsletter and don’t, please contact me so that we can determine your membership status. A number of members did not respond to renewal notices included with the last issues and have, thus, been moved to expired status. You can still receive this issue by sending in your renewal promptly.

Members with a red line on their mailing address (and a renewal notice in their newsletter) expired with this issue. If you have an orange stripe, your membership will expire with the Winter issue. Consider renewing now so your membership stays current.

Larry Peterson, Treasurer

Nice issue! Thanks - lotta reading to do tonight.

An excellent issue! Lots of good material. Course I am a bit prejudiced about the rose on the cover. As you also read in there; I had the honor to present an RHA Certificate of Appreciation to Peter Harris, our editor, and Jim Turner, our webmaster, at the fall meeting in Memphis. Please be sure to pass on your appreciation for all these two do for the RHA. Don’t forget Mary and Larry Peterson, for without the efforts of these two super long time members, the RHA would not function as well as it does. For those who missed the fall meeting at the home and gardens of Whit Wells - you missed out on a special treat. Look forward to seeing many more of you at the meeting next June in Seattle.

John Moe, General Director