RHA 1969-2006 Newsletters Disk is Now Shipping!

I am pleased to announce that the RHA Newsletters CD is now available for purchase. The CD contains all 151 newsletters published from the beginning of RHA in 1969 through the Winter 2006 issue. The newsletters were scanned in searchable Portable Document Format (PDF) which allows them to run on both Windows and Apple machines using the free Adobe Reader 8 software available from Adobe.com.

The disks sell to RHA members for US $25.00. Non-members may acquire the disk for US $40.00. Postage is included in the price.

Anyone wanting a disk should send payment to me at 21 S. Wheaton Road, Horseheads, NY 14845. Payment needs to be made in U.S. dollars by a check or money order payable through a U.S. location. International members or others desiring to remit via PayPal should send me an email to that effect and I will send an electronic PayPal invoice.

Disks were mailed yesterday to all members who pre-ordered disks.

Larry Peterson, RHA Treasurer

Larry, that’s great to hear! My check is in the mail today!

Jim Sproul

Great news Larry. I sent you an email for a paypal invoice. Thank you!


Jim and Rob…your disks are ready for shipment upon receipt of your funds.



Larry…My check will be in the mail tommorrow! Thank you!

Larry G. Popwell Sr.

At the RHA meeting in St Louis, I did a demo of the CD which was well received. Folks really liked the indexes that have been added since I started working with the Beta version, particularly the one by author. I was asked if the disc could be duplicated. The RHA; like any other volunteer organization, needs funds to keep our dues low and continue to support our members here in the US, plus 12 other countries with the best service that we can. The disc is copyrighted, and we ask that you respect that copyright and keep it for your own personal use. We have no objections if you load it on your desk computer and your laptop, but please refrain from copying it for others. Once you get to give it a run, let us know here on the forum your thoughts. We sure hope you find it a very valuable resource in your hybridizing efforts.

John Moe

General Director, RHA

I’m looking forward to receiving my copy and will definitely respect the copyright issue. I wanted to thank Larry for making payment for the disk easy via Paypal.


I received mine. Thanks!

(I’m not sure how this post can have an October 12, 2007 response when it is only September 28, 2007 right now???)

Jim Sproul

Thanks Mary for letting me know! This is a great resource, hopefully many others will take advantage of the work done to produce it and will order one.

Jim Sproul

Jim, Mary asked me to bump this thread to the top of the list, which I did by setting its response date to October 12, 2007. I’ll reset the response date again when this thread drops down the list.

Larry … I received my CD yesterday Thanks

Larry G. Popwell Sr.

I had also received the CD. Great work, thanks everyone!



Got mine too. Thank you!


Received my CD last night.

Thanks Larry


Now that a few of you have the CD and hopefully have had the opportunity to check it out - what are your thoughts? Was it worth the effort to scan and produce? Do you find it worthwhile? Are the indexes helpful? Let us hear what you think. Looking forward to reading your postings to this thread.


I think it is great … I’ve been looking for info on rose hybridizing…and here it is all in one place…Thanks for the great Job…

Larry G. Popwell Sr.

Larry et al. Thanks for the comment, but the credit belongs to David Zlesak, Larry and Mary Peterson who did all the work to get this big project completed and available to our members. Hopefully this will be a good recruiting tool for new members as well.

I know that some of you have the CD now, and hopefully have had the opportunity to give it a good test drive - what are your thoughts? Sure would like to hear from a few more what you think of it. It was quite a task for David Zlesak, Larry and Mary Peterson to get this project completed. Was it worth the effort? Do you find it worthwhile? Are the indexes helpful? Let us know what you think. Looking forward to reading your postings to this thread.

Larry - Newsletter disk arrived this week and thanks much. Also thanks to all who devoted their time and talent to this project.