return of Liberty!

Hi Everyone I am relatively new so I should probably give a short into , My name is Cindy and I work in a Greenhouse where we grow Mini Parade Roses and at this time of year also Mums . I am trying to learn as much as I can. The owner/ boss isn’t really all that helpful he’s more interested in productivity than he is in teaching , Anywho my question now is this (Im sure there will be a lot more so please bear with me )We start our own plants from cuttings we have about 12 ladies whose only function is to take cuttings off the roses that have been pinched and plant them, oddly enough this week we found in a container a plant that has’t been in the greenhouse for the past 2 yrs Please tell me how out of nowhere this plant could have found its way back?

Thanks in Advance


Is it possible that the returned plant is a sport of a variety you normally carry? If so, it is possible the original variety sported again.

Hi Joan thanks for replying , yes it is possible that it is a sport of the variety “charming” it was growing in the 4" pot with charming when it was discovered


Hi Cindy,

Mistakes happen all the time. It sounds like you do your own propagation of mini roses. Do you also buy in rooted cuttings from Yoders or other wholesale plug producers? In the past I purchased plug flats of landscape roses and among a flat of ‘Fushia Meidiland’ there was one ‘Carefree Wonder’ cutting.