Resurrection of Older Topics?

Just curious, how does an older topic come up on the list when the last comment was from 2006?? - - as in Dortmund - Theory , May 24, 2006??

Jim Sproul


I would guess that a troll resurrected the thread and then our moderator deleted the troll’s addition to that thread.

This a.m. there was an addition to an old thread with the standard gobbledegook thread subject and then the “you should see my roses” line.

I’d guess that the gobbledegook title and content got deleted.

I’ve seen that sort of post recently and often on this and other rose forums. Many led to a site purportedly in china.


I was about to give the identical response. I’ve witnessed this happening an aweful lot and have reported such. REally obnoxious, but I don’t know how one could prevent such. Thanks to the moderator for being on top of it so we don’t all have to wade through these things.

It actually has the added benefit of reminding me of old things.

the only thread that annoys me is the CG thread. I get excited cause it is new, hoping for an update on how the guys are doing with their CG’s, but just find out it was spam-bumped :frowning:

Jadae, I took some pictures of clare for an update.