Resistance to rose rosette virus

A thread concerning the above title has been started on the Antique Rose Forum by one of the main rose rosette virus researcher, Ioannis Tzanetakis .

Has someone in RRD infected regions grown Stormy WeatherTM and noticed if it became infected?

We’ve definitely got a lot of RRD here in Maryland, but I’ve never tried ‘Stormy Weather’ [yet!]
However, I’ve already ordered a plant that should ship to me around May 2. Maybe I’ll plant it next to something badly infected to really give a test.
I realize the expert advice is to remove and destroy all infected roses, but there are so many infected multifloras surrounding us here, serving as a huge disease reservoir, that the dying cultivated roses on our own property seem like only a tiny drop in the bucket. I figure that I might as well try to make a silver lining out of this dark cloud and take advantage of the high selective pressure we’ve got available here. ;0)

I had a cloud of infected mites drift through my garden last year (2014). They caused about 25% of the stock to show signs of the disease by the end of summer 2014. Stormy Weather was grown by one severely infected plant of another variety and still does not display any infection. I don’t know if growing conditions matter much with this disease but both were grown in pots and were pretty cramped with other potted varieties.

Has anyone experienced any Rose Rosette infection on Stormy Weather since the last post in 2015?

Hi Henry,

It sounds like Dr. Byrne and his student that generated crosses with it have given up using it as a parent and determined Stormy Weather was likely just an escape is Patrick’s grafting exercise. It sounds like infected plants were found in either the RRD field trials being done with collaborators funded by the grant or in someone’s landscape.

Thank you Dave. Is there a link where they post results like this?