Repeat flowering in Rosa Moschata hybrids ?

Hi all,

I am aware that Moschata hybrids resulting from crosses with repeat flowering roses can repeat, but I was curious as to how long these hybrids would usually take to flower.

Could anyone who has worked with R. Moschata, tell me if such seedlings flower in their first year?



Doug Seidel, who knows a lot about Noisettes, told me several years ago when I asked about a chance seedling in one of my noisette beds, that moschata seedlings characteristically wait until their second year to bloom. (Mine did and cuttings from it after it started blooming do bloom in their first year.)

I have moschata seedlings… In Louis Lens moschata roses seedlings (self of Trier X mutabilis), no one flowered first year…we’ll see this year in 2nd year.

I have too true moschata seedlings. I received seeds from Ivan Louette from Belgium: the mother plant was "Musqu

I have two seedlings of moschata X ‘Ducher’ (white China). Neither has bloomed (two seasons now, starting into third) and unfortunately, I’ve had to cut them back (from their height of at least five feet) to pot them up – I’m moving and didn’t want to leave them behind. In summary though, they definitely do not bloom in the first year.

Maybe breeding with Secret Garden Musk, a found rose, will create everblooming moschata hybrids?

I have both Puerto Rico and Secret Garden Musk. I’m gonna work them together, as it was one of my goals to breed with found roses.