Reine des Violettes

Hi, folks,

Finally had a chance today to go out and start dead-heading the garden, and noticed some truly outrageous hips forming on Reine des Violettes. Last year she made champagne-glass shaped hips, and large ones at that, but none of them had any mature seeds in them. This year she is making -huge- hips that looks like champagne glasses that were beginning to bloat under too much heat. I’m torn between sacrificing one to see if they might actually be producing seed, and letting every possible seed mature. Has anyone here had any experience with RdV as a parent?


There’s a good chance they may be viable. I got seeds two years ago, 3 germinated under normal conditions. The largest plant bloomed this year. It’s like the mother plant, but with glossier leaves. The flower is similar but with better substance. I think I may get an op hip from the offspring this year. I’ve had hips with seeds on RdV in earlier years, but the season wasn’t long enough for them to mature.

So give the hips a chance.