Regensberg a McGredy Favorite for containers.

Hello Folks, I am rebuilding my collection again, and would like to know of a retailer who may be carrying this in the states. I am a city dwelling container growing gardner and have found this rose to be a work horse and ease of growing. I have tried HelpMeFind. Any suggestions would help. Thank You.

There are six nurseries on helpmefind that list Regensberg for mail order. I know you can get it form Reagans or roses unlimted or Rogue Valley roses. Not right away but you don’t want to plant it in the middle of the Winter. Good luck.


I bought mine from Northland Rosarium. It is kind of a crappy breeder, though, as it passes on blackspot. It is a good rose for containers, like you said, and for the edge of borders. Mine is used to soften the corner of an angular bed that comes to a sharp point near a walk way.