Reducing inventory: free plants

I find myself in a position of having to reduce the number of container-grown roses I have. I can no longer care for the volume of plants I have an can no longer afford an assistant to support the effort, so plants must go.

Many of these are large, established plants in large pots, so there is no possibility of shipping these anywhere (so don’t ask, please): you have to come and pick them up. I realize that limits who can/will come to get plants, but that’s the deal, take it or leave it.

I have many Ralph Moore roses in pots that I have kept as “backups” in case my original plants are damaged by Gophers and the like. I also have things like a BIG plant of ‘Gold Badge’, and ‘Sutter’s Gold’, to name but two. I will see what I can do to compile a proper list. Most of these have been used as breeders in years past, which is why I offer them here.


I technically should go. If I do, I’ll bring my buddy since he graduated from OSU. The last time I was even in that area was as an estimator. Time has changed so quickly!

I would interested in Sutters Gold. I have a trailer which would be better for big plants and maybe Jadae would want to hitch a ride or whatever.

Also available: A huge plant of Arthur Bell, some starts of Moore’s 1-72-1, Old Port, a large specimen of Incantation, and a few one-of-a-kind seedlings from R. fedtschenkoana breeding: selections too good to toss out, but redundant to the selections I have isolated for breeding.

Contact me in private if you want to make arrangements to pick up any of these:

paul at agora dot rdrop dot com

or find a contact me link on my web site(s)


I sent a E-Mail. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to stop by Heirlooms on the way back and of course the mummy hasn’t spoken. Neil

The trip(expidition) to Paul’s place, after shaking off Murphy’s Law and just going for it, turned out very gratifying to say the least. Everyone ended up with more plants than anticipated. With a 4x8ft. trailer packed, my focus was on being Load Master so we wouldn’t spend a unholy amount of time gauwking at everything. All the plants I received are in the ground now, which required digging some pits–big plants. These breeder plants allow a person to move forward much faster and with a wider range. What an opportunity, thank you Paul. Neil


Welcome Neil! It was great to meet you, and fun to give you a bit of a tour.


Hey Paul if there are any plants small enough to ship to the East Coast, like your foliolosa, I’d be willing to give a home to some.

  • Max

Sorry Max, all the plants culled recently have either been adopted out or unpotted and discarded. I will likely do another cull later on, but I am specifically removing only large plants in big containers and as such are far too large to mail. Sorry!


Ha that’s okay, thanks for the clarification. I had a feeling it’s mostly large stuff but I just hate the thought of throwing out stuff so I thought I’d ask anyway, at least I figured it wouldn’t hurt to. Good luck on the cull/evaluations/time off!

  • Max