red fairy...any thoughts about it??

I have to confess to an impulse buy of an own-root bush of the Red Fairy at 50% off. I’m blaming it on the ‘going native’ discussion. There were 2 bushes left and they were the only roses with healthy foliage at the nursery. From HMF there are a few offspring and it has been both seed and pollen parent.

I’m curious as to why it is considered a Polyantha, when it is mostly Rosa wichuraiana by pedigree? I’m not all that up on the classifications. Are they essentially the same thing?

He decided to call it a polyantha based on it’s growth habit, not on it’s lineage, though I speculate a polantha could be the pollen parent.

I always hated the color of ‘Red Fairy’ but yes, it’s been very fertile.

I’d rather go back to ‘Simon Robinson’.