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I was just notified by Jim Turner, our Webmaster, that the article - Simple Embryo Culture for Plant Breeders - and a Chart - The Major Descendencies of Modern Roses - is now available on the Articles on Rose Hybridization page.

I’m going to have to read it a second time but it seems real good - Thanks Don

Very interesting and a nice work.

Only one friendly reserve:

title should be: “My Four Descendencies of Modern Roses” as other hypothesis are not ruled out.

Selecting for big flowers and hardiness or more recently scent favored gallica genes whose influence is second only to “chinensis” in my opinion. When all but very few moschata and foetida features are and were constantly selected for.

Which species contributed tetraploidy?

And probably cytoplasm as it is presumed actually.*

Not that I am revendicating anything but not demonstrated facts.

I was even told that it could be better if gallica did not contribute at all…

Parting ultimate genes origin will tell the truth.

*Rose ploidy regulation is actually hypothetized to be partly cytoplasm regulated as hardiness is known to be in plants.

In conclusion a very nice and interesting work.