Reading material...It's been slow here as of late.

Now is the time I start to think about compiling my rose wish lists for the yearly orders (in February). Anyway I always come across some interesting links while doing research. One of these I thought I had lost and I couldn’t find it through a search (but it was hidden deep in my favorites). So instead of losing it a second time, I’ll just post it here.

This one because I’m chasing after wichuraiana.

This one just beacuse it’s fun.

Finally read through these two. Very interesting. I especially liked the first one. I have been very interested in the different ramblers as of late and been looking into what to add to a program. the second one even though it was away from what I want to breed did teach a lot of interesting history.

So what kind of work are you doing with wichuraiana or what kind of work are you looking to do?

I’m not too sure. I’m basically looking for BS resistance (& some shade tolerance). That said, I think wichuraiana & nitida should get together somewhere down the line.

I suspect Razzle Dazzle to be a wichuraiana hybrid. I like how it was used in Black Cherry (anyone else see the KO similarities)…

Instead of reinventing the wheel, I’m wanting to build a collection of wichuraiana F2 hybrids to interbreed (possibly with some KO seedlings).

That is an interesting thought about Razzle Dazzle. Why do you suspect that it is an wichuraiana hybrid? I think its a posability but I do not think it is strong in the bloodline if it is (based on looking at the pictures alone)?

For me I like the disease resistance, ease of propagation, and the ease at which they can be grown? I want to breed the size down however of most of these hybrids? I want to bred both with the diploid and tetraploid parents? Hopefully I have a L83 seedling from seed this year that I can breed with them in the future. Any plant I get will most likely be in a band so it will be awhile anyway? I can see many posiabilities for wichuriana, multiflora ramblers and hybrid musk in my head. I just wish I had enough room to try half of them. I suppose that is how it is for most of us.

But thanks for the link Jon. I have got a few suggestions from paul on wichuriana hybrids to use. I have also been searching and researching some other ones. The first paper has added to the list of possiable parents.

I am not so sure Razzle Dazzle is from Rosa wichurana at all. It seems fairly disease prone around here where it is mass planted at Peninsula Park.

However, it amazes me that the Canadian hybrids have not been used on Playboy yet. It also shows up in the KO line.

I tried Playboy pollen on William Baffin this year knowing that it would most likely not set and if it did the seed would be very hard to germinate. But I had extra pollen from this one so what the heck. It did not set but I still like the idea of it on Canadian hybrids too Jadae. I did get a few pods of R. glauca x Playboy. Hopefully I can get these to grow. I like Playboy a lot in certain areas it seems to be very disease resistant and then in other areas it seems very susceptible. I think this points to it being resistant to certain races. If we could just add all these partial resistances together we could create one hell of a security system.

As far as KO I am not a big fan of it. Or any rose in that series of roses except for Baby Love. I guess I just don’t like the look of the plant yet Baby Love is similar. But I have tried to use Baby Love for three years now and I have gotten very little hip set using its pollen. It is a little frustrating when I am seeing others having so much success with it. Maybe I just need to replace my plant with another one or maybe it is just more difficult to work with than I think?