Reach for the Skies


To Pierre:
I got your message that the hips arrived ok. I am attaching photos of Reach for the Skies in full bloom. It’s about 8 ft tall. It is 17A-03, shorter climber, upright Lillian Austin X Summer Wine.

The seedlings produced their first blooms right away, but they were not as double as when the plant matured. They have fragrance and very good disease resistance. Lillian Austin is of the Aloha strain of David Austin’s roses. Does anyone see any resemblance of Reach for the Skies to Aloha?

Years ago I purchased a rooted cutting of Aloha and planted it, but itjust sat there and wouldn’t grow more than 1-1/2 ft high, so after three years I threw it away. Reach for the Skies has no problem growing. There are still hips on it. We haven’t had any hard freezing weather and the squirrels here in Gladstone don’t bother my hips. They’re too busy eating acorns and peanuts that people put out for them.

If anyone else is interested in hips from Reach for the Skies, let me know.


Does anyone see any resemblance of Reach for the Skies to Aloha?

Yes, very much so although the color in the first and last photos shows some orange whereas my Aloha does not.

… Aloha and planted it, but it just sat there and wouldn’t grow more than 1-1/2 ft

Perhaps it deserves another chance in your garden. My five year old Aloha grows 5’ tall and wide having excellent branching structure and garden form. For me it has been an archetypical garden specimen plant. It is planted on its own roots in fine sandy loam augmented with a bit of peat and perlite.

Here are the results so far of my survey crosses using Aloha. Sorry that the number of pollinations (ie hips) is not included so you can’t tell how many seeds you get in single pollination but I can dig that out if you need it.

As seed parent:

male female seeds
08R406 x Aloha 19
116-09 (42-03-02 X R. pisocarpa) x Aloha 3
54-08-01 x Aloha 2
54-08-08 x Aloha 20
Bill Reid x Aloha 6
Cannikin x Aloha 37
Carefree Delight x Aloha 6
Condoleeza x Aloha 7
Crested Jewel x Aloha 64
Dragons Blood x Aloha 45
Golden Angel x Aloha 4
Golden Wings x Aloha 3
Hot Cocoa x Aloha 4
Incantation x Aloha 6
Joycie x Aloha 20
Lynnie OP seedling x Aloha 21
Mister Lincoln x Aloha 9
Morsoul x Aloha 3
Mousseux du Japon x Aloha 2
Nutshop x Aloha 10
Rosa moyesii rubra x Aloha 22
Rosa viginiana x Aloha 70
Rosa woodsii fenderli x Aloha 7
Roses Are Red x Aloha 3
Ruby Pendant x Aloha 6
Scarlet Moss x Aloha 20
Sundowner x Aloha 1
Tuscany x Aloha 27
Vielchenblau x Aloha 4
Won Fang Yon x Aloha 9
Yellow Supermarket mini x Aloha 4

As pollen parent:

male female seeds
Aloha x 12-59-10 10
Aloha x Lynnie OP seedling 1
Aloha x Crested Jewel 2
Aloha x Dragons Blood 6
Aloha x Erinnerung an Brod 12
Aloha x Francois Juranville 12
Aloha x G-34 (Sproul hulthemia) 10
Aloha x Mousseux du Japon 5
Aloha x Persian Sunset 3
Aloha x Rosa viginiana 11
Aloha x Roses are Red 6
Aloha x Tuscany 24

The list of failed crosses with the number of attempted pollinations is:

male female failed pollinations
1-Nov x Aloha 1
Apricot Twist x Aloha 1
Carefree Copper x Aloha 4
Flower Carpet Red x Aloha 1
Francois Juranville x Aloha 1
Persian Sunset x Aloha 1
Veilchenblau x Aloha 1
Rosa roxburghii x Aloha 1
Orange Triumph x Aloha 1
Castle Bravo x Aloha 1
Carefree Copper x Aloha 1
Wichmoss x Aloha 1
Sericea 044 x Aloha 3
Williams Double Yellow x Aloha 1
Persian Flame x Aloha 1
Persian Peach x Aloha 1
Persian Autumn x Aloha 1
Orange Moss x Aloha 1
Sweet Chariot x Aloha 1
Magseed x Aloha 1
Lemon Delight x Aloha 1
Joyseed x Aloha 1
Golden Horizon x Aloha 1
Rosa glauca x Aloha 1
Daybreak x Aloha x 1

Aloha x Rosa woodsii fenderli 2
Aloha x Last Tango 3
Aloha x Won Fang Yon 1
Aloha x Castle Bravo 2
Aloha x 138-20 1
Aloha x Gebrüder Grimm 1
Aloha x Nutshop 2
Aloha x Persian Flame 1
Aloha x Joyseed 2
Aloha x Rosa roxburghii 1
Aloha x Hot Cocoa 1
Aloha x Zorina 1
Aloha x Rosa roxburghii 1
Aloha x Scarlet Moss 1
Aloha x Flower Carpet Red 2
Aloha x Incantation 1
Aloha x Communis 2
Aloha x Sericea 044 3

Thanks for all the valuable information about Aloha, Don. I only have room for about 200 roses and have my hands full with all the crosses I made with Rosa Bhutan as pollen parent X Shock Wave and Coronation, plus the MorFlame varieties. I finished harvesting the rest of the Rosa Bhutan seeds, along with 17C03, Reach for the Sky hips, just in time because it’s supposed to get below freezing for several nights here.