Re: 2018 Breeding results

I’ve just concluded my first year back into breeding. Because I live in Oakland, CA, I can make crosses through July and they’ll ripen by mid-November or so.

Here’s what happened this year:

Oso Easy Italian Ice is extremely healthy, vigorous and compact, and sets seed very easily: 90% hipset with, I’m guessing, 8 seeds per hip.

Pinkerbelle is the healthiest hybrid tea I’ve every grown and it sets golf-ball size hips–100% hip set–each, I’m guessing with 20+ seeds per hip.

Red Pixie is a compact, velvety red small floribunda that sets seed very well.

I got Oso Easy Double Pink as basically a rooted cutting in June, so I haven’t bred with it but it’s very tiny, very healthy foliage.

Peachy Knockout–your fellow ARTA rose gets mildew in Oakland and is not vigorous. It only made about 10 flowers only half of which took–maybe 4 seeds per hip, I’m guessing.

Mango Veranda is a spready, not dense, very glossy-foliaged healthy plant but has produced very few flowers–50 petals, confused center, unattractive. I haven’t and don’t plan to breed with it.

Flower Carpet Pink Perfection–Great compact habit, shiny foliage, no blackspot but mildews badly. Bred with it anyway.

I’ve been using mixed pollen for all my males–because I don’t have the time to label. The mix is of the best excellent-formed pot plants: Karina Parade, Gigi Parade, and two unnamed picotee varieties (bad mildew but gorgeous flowers, in perfusion fully covering a vigorous but compact mini plant) and one gorgeous red one (and the latter is healthy) from Por La Mar.

I used a couple of old-time females: Sheer Elegancc and Silver Jubilee. Each got 100% take.

What is Pinkerbelle? I’ve not heard of it and don’t find it on HMF.

It was an early release from Edmund’s Roses this year: (PPAF, Mar: MElvanoe) A lovely new hybrid tea that you have the chance to grow before its general release in 2019. Ovoid buds spiral open to reveal unique 4" blooms of cream suffused with tones of pink and lavender, and finished with a pink picotee edge. A powerful fragrance ensnares the senses and entices you to cut the abundant blooms for indoor bouquets. Vigorous, upright plants have dark green, semi-glossy foliage that exhibits excellent resistance to rust and mildews. Grown own root.

The center of that rose, ‘Pinkerbelle’ sounds Lovely. Not sure about the picotee part. Edmunds photo hints at what it could look like.


Do you know how it is with resistance to black spot and/or cercospora?

Not at all as I don’t grow it. I made the post as an answer to Kim’s question, “What is Pinkerbelle.” I remembered seeing it in my catalog from Edmunds’ earlier this spring. It does look nice and might be worth getting next year.

Thank you, Andre!

I started growing Pinkerbelle this Jan. At least at my place in Oakland, CA, it’s a healthy, vigorous HT, good form, fragrance, mauve pink. High hipset, golf-ball size hips.

Gigi Parade in my mildew-prone BS-resistant climate here in Oakland is the best of the pot plants. HT-formed red-white-striped and it stays very compact. No mildew. Used it as a male—on OsoEasy Italian Ice and Pinkerbelle.