Razzle Dazzle

Does anyone know or have guesses of the parentage of Razzle Dazzle? Its interesting that it has produced 2 very disease resistant roses. Anyone know how cold tolerant it is? Zone 5 perhaps?

Good question Steve. Too bad Modern Roses II doesn’t list the parentage of it and if I understand right Bill Warriner died. If there’s a rumor of its parents hopefully someone still remembers. I grew it in the late 1980’s and it didn’t stand out as being more disease resistant or winter hardy in zone 4 than the other modern roses I was growing. I was in West Bend, WI then, just an hour or so north of Bill Radler. Just a guess, but maybe ‘Razzle Dazzle’

has a similar parentage as ‘Love’ another red - white bicolor that came out a few years later from Bill Warriner. That ‘Ramblin’ Red’ from Bill Radler, a direct descendant of ‘Razzle Dazzle’ sure is nice.


There is a really nice one at Heirlooms but I checked when there last summer and they werent selling it :frowning: I was actually interested in it for the plant alone as red/white bi-colors Floribundas are rare (excluding hand painted since theyre different) and this one looked nice and healthy and colorful. What I remembered about it was that, unlike Love, the red on it wasnt washed out. I looked through Bill Warriners HMF list and was thinking it might be related to Mary DeVor since he used that rose to breed with during the same time of Razzle Dazzle and could likely pass on bi-colors.

I do not see the parents listed in the 1976 issue of the American Rose Annual…