Randy Hughes

Hi Randy…

Please get in touch with me…I have a question regarding your ‘Sherman’s Sweetie’.


Hi Meg,

I regret to inform you that Sherman’s Sweetie died off last winter. While it had a beautiful bloom and delightful scent it offered them up only sparingly on a runt sized mini bush. It never attained more than 8 inches in height.

She was from OP seed of George Burns, and I heve tried in recent years to duplicate the bloom on a better bush, but have had no luck.

I named her after an online friend I have lost touch with, Lee Sherman, in Albaquerke (sp?) New Mexico. Lee was mad about stripes and I was trying to focus my breeding on them.

If I can be of further help please let me know.


What a friend… sorry to hear Lee’s loss, Randy.

I also named, unofficially, a rose for an on-line friend, Millie. The cross was Sutter’s Gold x Renae. No plans to introduce this rose since it fades to magneta pink really badly on the outer petals (It is a remarkable Pernatia like blend of yellows, golds, orange and reds) In Fall weather, it’s purely deep carmin… very intresting trait. I’ve seen pictures of ‘Signora Piero Puricelli’, parent of Sutter’s Gold. This seedling is very much like the colors of Signora, especially in how the outer edges become magneta pink in color.

Anyways, it’s a breeding rose for me since it has foilage that gets mildew. Since this seedling is thornless, I will try to breed with other nearly fragrant roses. I will attempt to use Heritage and Pacific Serenade.

And I am thinking that, because it can purple so badly… that it could create intresting purple roses if I crossed it with Cardinal Hume or Intrigue…

Outta the Blue doesnt have many thorns and sets seed easily.

Thanks for the reply Randy…

I’m putting together a Power Point presentation on Striped Mini roses and wanted to include your ‘Sweetie’.

Keep me in mind if you come across any other promising striped miniatures.