Rainbow Sorbet

Posting this info because I know a lot of you are into Buck roses.

Rainbow Sorbet is Playboy x Earth Song according to the November ARS. I highly suspected it was bred from Playboy. My observation of it at Washington Park was that is was very similar to Playboy but more compact, paler in color and less double. I did not note any hips setting because they are dead headed. Bailey’s is apparently trying to create cold hardy roses that are modern in appearance. I think it is a good goal.

I thought it came from Ping–

The one who created (or co-created) Love and Peace

It did. Bailey’s is their company/introducer.

Does anyone know of a mail order source for Bailey Roses? I would like to find Yellow Submarine,Yellow Splash, and Centennial.

Since Rainbow Sorbet isn’t a really hardy shrub kind of rose Baileys went with Conard Pyle to introduce it. Baileys is really focusing on the more truly hardy type of landscape roses now. That’s a great question Robert. It seems like their program of selling their Easy Elegance brand in pots with their symbol mimics the Tesslaar model with Flower Carpet so they have more control over the quality and such. Buying bareroot plants of these cvs to mailorder or pot in other pots is not encouraged.


Has anyone grown Rainbow Sorbet for a while? How is the blackspot resistance?