Radler's Yellow Knockout

Today, at my local good-guys who grow many of their own plants nursery I saw Yellow Knockouts in bloom. The plants were as good looking as the folded identifier things that come with them. The sales clerk made sure that I sniffed them, because they are fragrant.

I would guess those were grown out from liners and they were good looking plants.

I was jealous of the vibrant green color of the foliage with the bright yellow against them.

And they seemed to be nearly single so they should repeat fast.

Is anyone using them yet?

Is this the same as Sunny Knock Out?

Yes, our Lowes has Sunny Knockout for $16.95- looks to be rooted cuttings. I notice they fade quickly. I’ve been contemplating purchasing one.

I am just starting to use it. The leaves on my plant (White Out also) are not vibrant (dull) it has been actually burning a little on the leaves. The yellow on Sunny Knockout looks very dirty next to Shockwave. They are already making the rounds on the 5$ tables for both White Out and Sunny Knockout 2 gallon 5.99$. They do fade VERY quickly! Not the workhorse Knockout is in my garden. I have already considered getting rid of the Sunny Knockout, White Out does not seem much better but is not in the front and center of my yard.

Both ‘Sunny Knock Out’ and ‘White Out’ are triploid. ‘Sunny KO’ seemed to set more op hips last year. They share a common parent from my understanding. I really like them, especially ‘White Out’ here in Minnesota. ‘White Out’ especially overwintered nicely and and is very compact and floriferous. In the heat of summer the ‘Sunny Knock Out’ faded quite a bit, but became more yellow again when the cool weather returned.

I was surprised to find a decent fragrance on Sunny Knockout. Definitely has a rugosa-like smell.

It fades extremely fast and the flower form is not great, but I still like it. It stays nice and compact unlike the other Radler yellow, Carefree Sunshine. It is probably worth using as a pollen parent (I could never get its seeds to germinate).