Radiance family

I recently bought a Red Radiance and finally got around to looking at HMF. For the life of me I can’t remember why I bought it. But I was looking at all of the sports from Radiance and was curious why there are so many. Is this just a matter of breeders putting a typical number of sports on the commercial market, or is there something a little strange with its DNA? I guess I’m curious whether most roses throw the number of sports that Radiance has produced.

Some roses produce more sports than others for whatever reason. Look at ‘Ophelia’.

‘Radiance’, like ‘Ophelia’, is an old cultivar. It’s been around a long time and was grown a lot and has had time to produce sports.

It’s a good rose so many of the sports were propagated and recorded.

Most roses now come and go before they have time to produce sports.

That said, some modern roses like ‘Frisco’ which are grown by the hundreds of thousands also have plenty of opportunities to produce sports.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/l.php?l=1.2866&tab=1

It sounds like the genetic makeup of roses may be a little unstable. If that’s true then the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

I think sports are helpful for partial predictions of seedlings. For example, Crystalline can produce mauves much like its own sport, Natasha Monet.

I love this example of sports, lol…