Rabble Rouser

One I picked up from Burling I’m quite impressed with so far is Rabble Rouser. The color is strong and pretty lasting here. Gorgeous foliage and the petals are quite stiff, thick and “juicy”. Per HMF, it’s fertile both ways. Is anyone else using it yet?[flickr_photo src=http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8553/8704706171_65820d9590.jpg nsid=67995840@N04 id=8704706171]DSCN4263[/flickr_photo][flickr_photo src=http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8128/8704706085_198f7429ef.jpg nsid=67995840@N04 id=8704706085]DSCN4264[/flickr_photo]

I don’t think it is available in Oz yet Kim, I wish it was. Might have to see if one of our speciality rose nurseries have imported it.

HMF lists only 3 first-generation offspring: two are red and one is sort of pink. Are you looking for yellow?

I suspect that Rabble Rouser is triploid, or at least has some fertility challenges. In 2010 I got Rabble Rouser from Pickering. I was excited to see the huge clusters, and I made a lot of pollinations on it twice during the summer. Maybe it just didn’t like any of the pollens I tried on it–no hips resulted. Since then it has not made any OP hips either.

I measured the pollen under a microscope. Most of the cells are fairly large, with diameters of 41-52 micrometers, but there are occasional cells with diameters of 28-30 micrometers. The cells in the 39-42 range are consistent with tetraploidy, but the combination of large cells (e.g., diameter 45-52) with small cells and the presence of a significant quantity of trash (dead cells–see attached image) does make me think Rabble Rouser is probably triploid.


[attachment 1628 RabbleRouser2010-06-07_0001_10X.jpg]

Yellow would always be interesting. I’m most looking for vigor, good health and stable color, whatever color that turns out to be.

I’ve not had luck with itvas a seed parent yet and will try her again this season as a pollen parent. Very nice rose.

What do you mean by juicy? Robert

Its petals are “wetter” than any other I’ve collected for pollen. They have more moisture in them than any others yet, and that is a LOT of others with which to compare. They are just quite “fleshy” compared to any others.

I’m also impressed with RR. These four plants have been stressed and stepped on but are looking good. For clean I’ll try with Alexander MacKenzie, and other trip’s of lesser merit.

[attachment 1644 sir003.JPG]

I wonder if the extra wetness helps the flowers hold up in the heat? Do they seem to last a little bit longer?

I haven’t noticed it lasting longer. It’s just “juicier”.

Hi Kim!

Sorry for the ‘tardy’ reply.

We used Rabble Rouser in the breeding program a few years ago.

It was only used as a female and we got between 2-24% set with an average of 3 seeds per hip. We only used it one year, and I suspect it was because germination was terrible or the plants in the field did not preform well in our climate.