R. stellata mirifica

Has anyone EVER used R. stellata mirifica in a hybrid? Seems to me that it would do very well in the desert(and who knows what genetic qualities lie untapped).

Lens created a hybrid, ‘Pink Mystery’

Seed: R. stellata mirifica

Pollen: R. bracteata

I keep on wanting to order one even though it would prolly sulk here =/

It’a an intimidating plant but certainly one for collectors of the unusual. I don’t know a thing about it’s climactic preferences but it thrives for Kim, inland So Cal. I think his is budded to R. canina.

I have some cuttings I shared with others that were op of this species I obtained from Joan Monteith. The seedlings were tetraploid and probably a cross with some neighboring species- perhaps a 2n egg with a 4x male or an n egg with a 6x male? Have others flowered these yet? Mine grew very well, but the past couple years bunnies girdled them and they haven’t flowered. There are a few stems the bunnies didn’t get that will hopefully flower. These seedlings are tall and kind of climbing in nature. I have some gallon pots that I can share. If you are interested let me know.


I have three of David

Hi Joan, I have one of these seedlings and hope it will flower this season. I can’t get over how very different it looks from myrifica??

Many of the stems are nearly smooth. I had myrifica from Kim as well and of course is was quite thorny and looked very different.

I have been trying to contact you. Please drop me an e-mail when you can. Thanks, Robert