R. speciosa

Has anyone done any work with R. speciosa? It seems odd that a species native to Germany would manage to elude hybridization.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/plant/pl.php?n=56569&tab=10

It has a nice red. It looks like a close relation to Rosa moyesii

Yes, I thought it looked like moyesii too but it’s hard to tell from the few photos that are there. The color seems almost novel. Maybe if David Elliot sees this thread he could tell us more about it.

Suckering Cinnamomae! (Gee, that just sounds like a great exclamatory oath!) Don, does it have much to recommend it besides being in the German’s back yard? There were what I would think were superior red species introduced from china before 1700. Prior to that, I wonder if it would occur to folks to breed a bramble to build a better beast. (??)