R. soulieana seeds

Anyone want R. soulieana seed, open pollinated? Available for the price of postage.


Would love a few. Do you still have my address, Paul?

Yes, Judy, I do. I’ll fire you off some seeds in the coming week.

Happy New Year,


Happy New Year to you too. Thank you!

Paul, I wanted to report on the R. soulieana seeds that you sent to me in late 2004.

I planted them all, then weeded out the mildew prone or very thorny ones. Ultimately, I kept just two. Both of these bloomed for the first time last year (2006). Their growth and blooming habit seemed typical of R. soulieana, having large clusters of blooms and vigorous plants with somewhat lax stems and medium to lighter green foliage. One of the two had a bit larger flowers and nicer growth, so I used it in a few crosses last year.

This year, I have again culled out the mildew prone seedlings and among the remaining 30 or so seedlings, two have produced flower buds (one plant had two buds on the first cycle and the other produced four flower buds on the first cycle).

I am guessing that perhaps I got a chance seed from you that was the product of open pollination involving a repeat bloomer, as I didn’t expect any repeaters in this generation.

Thanks again for the seeds!

Jim Sproul