R. rubiginosa

The Septet (Supergene) Formulae of Species lists R. rubiginosa L. as its ovum + pollen to be 4 + 1. Is this the same as R. rubiginosa? The ‘L.’ is confusing me. Since it has been mentioned that this list(Septet Formulae) may not be accurate, I was hoping it could be comfirmed.

I have several seeds from R. rubiginosa that I am trying to grow and I am wondering what its ploidy is most likely going to be and what it places in the pollen ovum.

The L. just means authority, the person that first described the species. Linneaus in this case.

Given that, does

R. sweginzowii = R. sweginzowii Koehn in Fedde


R. pomifera = R. pomifera Herrm.

I am also trying to grow these from seed.

I’ve heard that eglantine roses are very troublesome because of chromosomal problems. I’ve been trying get the fragrance of eglantine into the moss and foilage of moss roses, but so far I’ve only got one germination. This year I will be crossing Lady Penzance with Applejack and hope that I can get some very fragrant seedlings with a whole lot bigger flowers. I’m using Greenmantle too as the seed parent, but Greenmantle is difficult because it seems it won’t accept pollen of a single variety. It wants mixed pollen, so I’ve been using mixed pollen of many varities, but mostly with distinct traits.