R. pomifera - pollen has 1 chromosome set?

Does this rose put 1 chromosome set in the pollen and 3 in the ovum as the septet formulae suggests?

Is it possible for this rose to behave as Harry suggest roses of this nature can. Crossing it with a diploid would yeild a tetraploid with that produces 2 sets in both ovum and pollen?

I’ve read that Caninae meiosis begins to break down in the hybrids. I’m guessing what you’ll get is a rose that while it may be tetraploid as far as having 4 sets of chromosomes will produce variable eggs and pollen, some of which would behave like a normal tetraploid. On the other hand, I’ve also read that some of the early Albas have predominately Caninae-type meiosis.

I’ve got hybrids of R. rubrifolia (Caninae section tetraploid) crossed with diploid, tetraploid, and (I hope) hexaploid pollen. I’m hoping to get some hybrids that will cross with other normal tetraploids. I’ll have to wait and see until the seedlings actually bloom…