R. nutkana and R. multiflora nana

Have a few questions. What is the ploidy of R. nutkana? Everything I have found suggests that it is a hexaploid.

Has anyone tried crossing it with some diploids like r. multiflora? What would you expect for results from a cross like this. Would it be a tetraploid?

What is the ploidy of R. multiflora nana. I am assuming diploid.

MR XI lists R. nutkana as hexaploid. It doesn’t give a chromosome count for R. multiflora nana, but lists other subspecies of R. multiflora as diploid. I don’t know of any crosses between diploids and R. nutkana, but it seems like it should be worth a try.

I used a (Calocarpa X R. Nutkana) seedling twice this past season as the female parent with what I think is a tetraploid Acicularis ( I received the (Calocarpa X Nutkana) seeds from Randy Hudges). Calocarpa X Nutkana should be a tetraploid (7 from Calocarpa and 21 from Nutkana).

Thus if you use the multiflora as the mother and Nutkana as the pollen parent, you should get a tetraploid.


(Calocarpa X R. Nutkana) X (Tetraploid Acicularis X OP)


(Calocarpa X R. Nutkana) X (Agnes + (Tetraploid Acicularis X OP))

Link: home.neo.rr.com/kuska/hips-2003-season-sort-seed.htm

I have successfully crossed the diploid Rosa woodsii with the hexaploid Rosa acicularis, and also the diploid rugosa (‘Hansa’) with the hexaploid Rosa moyesii. So I don’t think a Rosa multiflora x Rosa nutkana cross would be a problem.

im trying to source R. multiflora nana but cant find it in as yet, any sujestions? im in the uk.

Calocarpa X Nutkana was hybridized by Randy Hudges. Calocarpa is a diploid (14 chromosomes) and is a rugosa

I now have collected all of my summer 2006 cross pollinated hips. I found the following that contained hips with (Calocarpa X Nutkana) as the pollen parent:

1 hip of Folksinger X (Calocarpa X Nutkana)

2 hips of (Carefree Beauty X Heritage) X (Calocarpa X Nutkana)