R. nitida traits dominant in hyrids?

I have a Pink Meidiland x R. nitida ‘Defender’ seedling that is about 3" tall. Although small, it looks like there isn’t much nitida influence as far as the leaves go. The leaves aren’t narrow. The seedling does seem to be on the thorny side from what I can tell so far. Is it likely that PM would have more of an influence than nitida or that this is likely an OP seedling of PM?

Hard to say, but since your seedling is only 1/4 nitida (‘Dart’s Defender’ being a hybrid with rugosa), it has a lot of different genes to sort through. The leaves might change in character as it increases in size. I’d also expect a PM self to bloom as a fairly young seedling, so its precocity might tell you something. Really nice cross!

Thank you Stefan. I’m hoping it is PMxDD. I forgot that Dart’s Defender is part rugosa. That might explain the thorniness that I’m seeing. I’ll be waiting to see if it blooms early or not. Would there be a slight chance of rebloom since DD has repeat bloom genes through rugosa? Thanks again.

PM is a tetraploid when DD a diploid so your seedling probably being a triploid is 2/3 PM and 1/3 DD. No wonder PM dominates.

Usually Nitida or rugosa influence is obvious on spination as well as more erect plant architecture.

It probably depends more on whether it got the once-blooming trait from nitida (to turn that equation around slightly). But, yes, I think so.

Thank you Pierre and Stefan. Hopefully this seedling will exhibit repeat bloom and a bit of fertility either way.

I just had a Pink Meidiland x Basye’s Purple seedling germinate this week and this is another one I’m excited about. PM makes a great seed parent.