R. moyesii 'Fargesii'

Anyone using this moyesii form? It’s supposed to be tetraploid. Looks interesting, but maybe others have found it to be unworthwhile as a parent?


My guess is that not many have tried altho I did note that the late Horner had one moyesii in his breeding line. I, for one, think it is a worthwhile project.

For many years, I’ve had a rose I bought labeled as ‘Geranium’, which is supposed to be a selected form of Rosa moyesii. ‘Geranium’ is supposed to be known for it’s numerous “bright orange flagon-like hips”. I’d bought it especially for that reason – for hybridizing. My plant looks like a moyesii, but has never set a single fruit from open-pollination or the few controlled pollinations that I tried. So, I kind of went in different hybridizing directions.

Thinking about it now, whatever my moyesii is, it is very disease resistant and a pretty, deep-red, early-spring bloomer. Maybe we should all reconsider some moyesii crosses.


Personally I have no experiance of hybridizing with R. moyesii but I have been so lucky to know one that did. His name was Kristinn Gu

Thanks for your replies. I’m going to get Fargesii in spring.


On the Knockout Rose web site it says that Knockout has Eddie’s Crimson, a moyesii hybrid, in its lineage. This might be another path to try.