R. minutifolia


I may be able to provide you with some seed in the future. No guarantee though. There may be others in the forum who have mature specimans of R. Minutifolia who might help you out as well.


Yes, R. Minutifolia is a diploid.


Andi (Central California)

Thanks andi, i apriciate it very much. Do you have more ploidydata of roses? I’ll add minutifolia on www.ploidydatabase.tk regards, timo

Hi Andi,

I have been fascinated with R. minutifolia from the first time that I saw it several years ago at Sequoia Nursery. Have you had any success in germinating seeds from it? I would also be interested in seeds or plants. It would be fun trying to breed with this one.

Jim Sproul

There’s an interesting write-up about R. minutifolia in “California’s Rose Heritage, published as the Journal of the Heritage Rose Foundation, 2005 Conference”

The authors are Mary Anne and Jack Olsen, " Rosa minutifolia:Our experiences at the Otay Mesa stand in San Diego County, California" pages 6-15. The references and notes at the end of the article would be really useful for others interested in this rose.

There was one plant of minutifolia available at auction at the Conference. Really interesting leaves.

(It’s on my someday list but looking at the dry mesa pictures in that article, my climate might (most years) be way too wet for that rose to grow well here.)

I often look at my ‘Narrow Water’ and wonder at just how different it is to R.m. ‘Nana’


‘White Drift’ is fairly much multiflora meets wichurana in a modern way. It sets OP and hybridized seed. I am currently testing its germination, though.

If the real ‘Nana’ is that much like ‘Nastarana’ or ‘Narrow Water’, then it clearly doesn’t have enough to do with R. multiflora to be considered a cultivar of that species. It seems to have been somewhat synonymized in this country with ‘The Gift’, which does have a close connection with R. multiflora, but bears little resemblance to ‘Nastarana’. I consider ‘Nastarana’ a Noisette, i.e. Rosa chinensis crossed with R. moschata. Does ‘Nana’ have stipules that are in any way fringed like multiflora? ‘Nastarana’ doesn’t. I’ve never seen ‘Narrow Water’ in person, but since it’s supposed to be a sport of ‘Nastarana’, it should theoretically have almost identical vegetation. The flattened corymbs of flowers also differ in Noisettes from the elongated panicles produced by most multiflora hybrids. Maybe the R. chinensis influence is enough to make them seem superficially similar, even if ‘Nana’ is really a direct chinensis-multiflora hybrid; the stipules should help to tell the rest of the story.

I merely suggested ‘Nastarana’ as an alternative to those wishing to work with “multiflora nana”.

I know there was speculation in the U.S. as to whether there was any true species multiflora that could be designated as ‘nana’.

To my mind an early hybrid between chinensis and multiflora seems very likely the origin of ‘nana’.

Thanks for explaining, Robert - I just decided to raise the question after seeing several references to it and ‘Narrow Water’ because of the potential to have some things clarified. It seems to me, too, that the original ‘Nana’ was probably some sort of early polyantha type (R. chinensis - with a dwarfing factor? - crossed with R. multiflora). That means that the “Rosa chinensis minima”, which is probably close to what can be grown from seed as “Angel Wings” roses, might be a reasonable approximation to the ‘Nana’ grown in Europe. I guess I wouldn’t necessarily recommend ‘Nastarana’ to someone looking for a direct ‘Nana’ substitute because it comes from a different sort of heritage (R. moschata) and is markedly less cold-hardy than a true polyantha, although it is certainly desirable for breeding with its superior fragrance and excellent health.

The photo below is of R. multiflora nana’s rachis & stipules, it was taken for coparison with the (R. multiflora ‘Nana’ X R. wichuraiana) seedling.

The link is to a photo album of (R. multiflora ‘Nana’ X R. wichuraiana) seedling and its parents.

Link: www.kodakgallery.co.uk/PhotoView.jsp?collid=14764946733.11377946733.1196019199858&photoid=60377946733&folderid=0&&localeid=en_GB


Album not found

The link you are using is no longer valid.

Superb photo - now that’s a R. multiflora descendant if there ever was one!


The link works for me, must need to sign in.

I’ll just post the pics hear.

Wichuraiana rachis & stipules:

(multiflora nana X wichuraiana) rachis & stipules:

leaf comparison. Left wichuraiana, Centre seedling, Right multiflora nana:

Multiflora nana X Wichuraiana plant:


The seeds are ready now, just need your address.

Take care,


I got your seeds the other day. Thanks. I was not expecting Multiflora nana X Wichuraiana seeds also but it was a welcomed surprise. Is the Multiflora nana X Wichuraiana seeds F1 or F2?