R. macrophylla coryana and 'Maxi'


How disease resistant is that species rose and its’ offspring ‘Maxi’? Somebody is offering me cuttings from a plant that may be ‘Maxi’, but I’m a bit tight on space right now. No sense to have a garden when you can’t walk in one right? Anyways, I haven’t really heard much of it, and would like to know more if possible. I’m deciding; more you rave, the more its’ appeal gets…


Maxi is interesting because of its genetic makeup and its potential for breeding. You might be kicking yourself down the road if you say no. Check out its offspring in HMF before you decide.


If you can get hold of a copy of the RNRS Rose Annual for 1977, there is an interesting article by Sam McGredy concerning Maxi, R. macrophylla coryana, and his hand painted line.

Also an interesting ancestry/progeny chart for many of his hand painted roses.