R. glutinosa dalmatica

I’ve just purchased a Rosa glutinosa dalmatica (The Pine-Scented Rose) and was interested in hearing if anyone has used it in breeding. It is reported to stay small (3’ x 3’). It is said to be a continuous bloomer (mine just has a few hips on it right now). It is in the Caninae group with a chromosome count of 35 or 42.

Mark Disero, Brantford Ontario, Canada

Hello Mark,

I have Rosa glutinosa (although I don’t know if it is dalmatica or not). It is pretty compact; mine has just gotten to about knee high after 3 or 4 years. I haven’t heard of this species having continuous bloom before; and mine has only been a once-bloomer so far. It’s had flowers and afterwards hips for two years going on three now. I haven’t used it for hybridizing yet, but only because I’ve been too busy with other crosses. I really like it for its good-mannered growth habit and the really nice pine-scented foliage [although to me it’s more like tangerine-scented].

Good luck with yours, Tom