R. gigantea

Does anyone have experience working with Viraragavan’s R. gigantea?

I’d like to try - a bracteata x gigantea out to be a monster - is Viru’s gigantea commercially available?

Zone 8b

Last week i ordered some roses in France and I liked to have Amber Cloud too, but unfortunately i haven’t got enough place (I don’t have a garden and all my roses live in pots).
But there are two more nurseries that have Amber Cloud, in Italy and even in the United States.

There is a rose called Lorraine Lee bred by the Australian rose breeder Alister Clark. It is a F1 Gigantea Hybrid good down to Zone 6. I have worked with this one a few times, its not that seed fertile but the pollen is very good. Offspring show good vigour and health.

it is availbale from this European grower. http://www.frenchtearose.com/


Baxter, Roses Unlimited (here in the US) carries quite a few roses bred by Viru Viraraghavan. Many of them have gigantea blood. Here is a link to the list of Viru’s roses at RU: http://www.rosesunlimitedownroot.com/new_page_10.htm

RU also carries several of Alister Clark’s roses. Here is a link to the list of Alister Clark’s roses: Loading...

Thanks, placing orders with both!