R. foliolosa pic-- possible tetraploid?


I just wanted a few look at it. This is the same branch I had dipped in a bottle of surflan without any DMSO for about a day or two. I picked off a few foilage off of branches that weren’t treated. When pressed against the possible tetraploid, they were shorter and fatter. But I still have doubts because it just doesn’t look “different”. I thought I would get something very weird, something very apperent. Any thoughts?

Link: forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/rosesgal/msg041932577288.html

Dear Enrique,

Hi! Do you have access to a microscope? If you do you can easily compare stomate size. If it’s tetraploid the stomate size should be about 50% larger than the stomates on the diploid part of your plant. Just take a little superglue and put it on a slide and press the lower side of a leaf into it and allow it to dry. When you are ready pull or carefully scrape off some of the leaf to reveal some of the imprint. Put a little water over the dried glue and a coverslip and you are ready to look. I usually like to look at stomates with the 40X objective. It’ll be a quick and easy way to tell if it’s doubled in at least layer I of the meristem. Layer II, where the gametes arrise and the layer of most interest to breeders, is typically checked through pollen diameter. There’s a few articles on chromosome doubling and how to check for doubling in different layers in an RHA newsletter from a couple years ago.



Thanks David, I have recently purchased a microscope to do what you said. I could not use the one any school for my own purposes. I thought it was no biggie. I was especially nice in asking. It was not like if I asked them if I could play around with chemicles, or take stuff home. I probably need one anyways to check on my Blanc Double de Courbert. Again, Thanks.