R. foliolosa, any experianced users?

This year my R. foliolosa has given tons of blooms. This is the first year I’m using it as a seed parent. Usually I used its pollen on my tetraploids and triploids. But this time I used Bishop Darlington’s pollen because I wanted to work with a diploid. I would really love to know about any one’s experiance with this rose.

I can report that the foliolosa seed sent me by Paul Barden certainly germinated well. Thanks again Paul. Robert

R. foliolosa X ‘Little Chief’ was a successful cross I made last year, resulting in about 40 seedlings. I am keeping only the best (non-mildewing) and potting them on until they bloom. They are intermediate in character between the two, with heavy R. foliolosa influance. Curious little devils, they are :wink:


Oh Paul, I really would love to see any pics of your hybrid if you don’t mind. I am very intrested to see it since the only foliolosa hybrid I’ve seen was Basye’s Purple.


There have been no blooms on any of these yet. Did you want to see the plant itself?


Yes, it’s the plant itself I would really enjoy to see… I want to see what a hybrid may look. Did it retain the pointed willow leaves trait?

Here is a photo of one of the best, most compact seedlings from the R. foliolosa X ‘Little Chief’ cross. This seedling is in a 2.5 inch pot. You can see the R. foliolosa influence in the foliage, especially the younger leaves which are just developing.


I love that foliage Paul. Please keep us posted. If you get any shots of your gymnocarpa I would love to see those as well. All that work is sure paying off. Thanks, Robert

Oh wow, it does look wonderful. That foilage is just beautiful… Please keep us updated Paul. R. foliolosa has great possibilities.