r. davurica

I moved my petri dishes of species sees out of the fridge last Sunday and put them under red lights. When I went down to check on them, I had found that I had a burst of germinations already. I had not checked on them since I took the seeds out last Sunday. Rosa davuirca had 7 seeds that had send out a root. Several others had already split the seed coat but I decided to leave them in the petri dish. I plan on keeping 12 seedlings at the start.

Given the current rate, I should have my 12 davurica seedlings in no time. After that, if anyone wants some germinating rosa davurica seed let me know. Evidently it can be a fairly agressive rose. Not much information out there about it.

Anyone have any information about r. davurica that they can share? I got the seeds from Chiltern based on the fact that it is a hardy rose.

I was surprized to find so many germinations already.

try the link

Link: http://flora.huh.harvard.edu:8080/flora/browse.do?flora_id=2&taxon_id=200011242

sorry try this one should work

Link: flora.huh.harvard.edu:8080/flora/browse.do?flora_id=2&start_taxon_id=128746

Wow, thanks jinks, great link.

StevenJ, since it is a diploid, I would like to try breeding it with some rugosas. So please put me on your list if they are not all spoken for. I will e-mail you my post office address.

Thank you very much.

I did searches of the Modern Roses CD with my parent search program and got zero hits for both the seed and for the pollen parentage searches.

The rugosa cultivar ‘Kamchatica’ reputedly has Rosa davurica as the other parent.

I had 2 germinations from R. soulieana and a seed coat of a R. holodonta is splitting open. R. holodonta is interesting for be because its a pink form of R. moyesii and may be a hexaploid. Soulieana has some very interesting descendants. I hope I get some good seedlings from them. The R. holodonta seeds are fairly large. Not near as large as swegenzowii seeds though.