r. Clinophylla

Anyone have a few seeds or Hybrid seeds they can share? I lost my r. clinophylla last year and would like to give it a try again.


You can have my OP seedling of Bract X Clin.

I’m putting together packages and seeds to a vareity of people, including ones that I didn’t do last year.

It was a cutting that rooted in a vase of water–

If I send it, it’s gonna be only a bareroot-- besides, it’s a very tough plant.

Hi Enrique, sorry I go off-topic but I tried to mail you but with hotmail and with gmail it seems not working. Did you receive any mails from me?



I don’t have clinophylla any longer. I gave cuttings away then removed my Mother plant. I only have one small plant of clinophylla x bracteata x OP that has not flowered as yet.

Enrique, you think it will make it if you send it bareroot?

Judith-- Oh yes, definetly. I moved one plant during the hottest part of summer. The foilage all fell off and parts of the plant did die… but in two months, it was already green again. It’s very tough. It makes TONS of roots. I have another plant in a 5 gallon container (the ones used for painting). It is a good thing that I left it on cement because it would have rooted all the way to dirt.

Timo-- yes, I got your new email. I searched for my gmail account and I see your address. I will send it soon. I have Judith’s clinXbrac seedling. The two Abe Darby X Basye Amphi hybrids. Kordesii to Jim… Joan’s cash… I’ll send everything all at once.

Thank you so much, Enrique. Please email me privately and I’ll send you my address. Let me know when you ship it please and I’ll keep an eye out for it in the post. Thanks so much!