R. clinophylla x R. bracteata seeds

A few of you have gotten these seeds, and I want to know your experiance so far.

My seedlins are growing fine. Although two are distinctly “more” disease resistant from the other 3. One is constantly plagued with mildew, but it survives on its own.

And all have this “frilly” thing going on with their stepules, although one of the more mildew prone seedlings is especially frilly.

All are glossy leaved much like Mermaid.


I see the “frilly” thing with the stepules, Enrique. I have 15 seedlings from this cross, all still in small 2" pots, but despite this, they have grown quite large for the pot size. Most are single stemmed, a few have branched. Most had mildew but recovered. A few did not have mildew. Some have darker green leaves than others. All have 7 leaflets and the leaves are small. Some have quite ‘furry’ stems, others are more smooth. Two are growing more bushy than tall, but I don’t know if that will continue (I hope it does). Nasty thorns! None have bloomed yet.